Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Good talk with the docs this morning. In the words of the intern who was here on Saturday night, "he's still here three days later. That's HUGE." The cardiac fellow added that the data on how well the pump is doing its job are "great." Our next big goal is to get his kidneys back in the action. We're hoping that will happen over the next couple of days. So, you know, drink a little water, and think of Bill.

In celebration of Bill's persistence in bouncing back, here are some recent photos from the Diet Christ reunion show in Carbondale, courtesy of James and Patrick.


  1. Billy Boy-

    i'm praying for you. i'll double delia's offer with two carmel apple ciders :) come back soon, i'll even let you throw paperclips all over my desk and shoot rubber bands at me.


  2. Bill,
    Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
    You need to get through this, I need a hug from the best hugger in the world.

  3. Hang in there Billy! I was counting on seeing you over T-day or Xmas at MHM this year. Praying for you, get better soon.


  4. Keep fighting Billy!

    Chris Lauritzen

  5. Bill -

    Just heard the news. I'm wishing you the speediest, easiest, and most painless recovery. I'm bummed we haven't had a chance to see each other recently. As soon as you're out of the hospital and in fighting condition, we should hang out!

    - Jeremiah Knight (Kate's college pal)

  6. I tried to find a picture of Bill with Ticklepenny, but haven't been able to so far. That might be a good thing, because I'm not so sure he would want to be associated with us... :)

    I hope I find one anyway so that I can look forward to Bill giving me a hard time for posting it.

  7. Bill,

    Glad to see the improvement. Hanging there, and miracle will happen!! I experienced that, and I am sure you will too! Sarah and I are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!

    - Ethan

  8. Hope to hear more positive improvements today. It sounds like things are looking up, and that you are on your way to recovery. My thoughts and hopes are with you and your family. Get well so you can explain to me why I am still getting your junk mail! LOL, anyway keep it up, you have a lot of really great friends rooting for you and anxious to see you get well.

    Love ya,


  9. Bill,
    So glad to hear that there is improvement...and continuing to pray! Looking forward to being harrassed at work soon!

  10. Hey Bill -

    Figures you'd be taken I'll on Halloween with the whole DC reunion and all - damn. The pictures are great - haven't seen you in 20+ years. Seems like you're up to your same old tricks your irrascible soul.

    I'm pulling for you buddy ...

    Take care Bill!

    David Brown

  11. Hey Perv, What are you wearing??

    We miss you dearly. Get well soon.

    Love Brenda, Amanda and Del

  12. Bill,
    You realize you have officially ushered in the era when members of EMG, 138, Hunting Sleeve and the rest will now be discussing their medical procedures when they reunite.
    Hang in there.